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What Are the Coolest Saltwater Aquarium Fish?

What Are the Coolest Saltwater Aquarium Fish?

Not all fish can live in freshwater environments. But there’s an easy solution to this problem that anyone can use. Set up a saltwater aquarium at home.

This will allow you to entertain guests while also giving yourself something beautiful and educational to look at as you enjoy your time at home.

In doing so, you’ll want to make sure you’re going to be adding some of the coolest saltwater aquarium fish species to your home. But what are some that are both entertaining to look at and safe to own in your freshwater environment?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are the most entertaining saltwater fish to add to your aquarium.


Clownfish are some of the most popular saltwater aquarium fish. These beautiful creatures have stunning orange, white, and black stripes and are often seen in aquariums as a bright spot of color.

They’re peaceful tank mates and can be kept with various other species of saltwater fish. They’re not picky eaters and are likely to take most of the food offered. Clownfish are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance.

They live in an anemone fish, which provides them with food and shelter. Clownfish also have amazing intelligence and the ability to learn and recognize their keepers, making them a pleasure to observe.

Their lively presence and color make them the perfect addition to any saltwater tank. Clownfish are one of the coolest aquarium fish to have in your saltwater tank, and they’ll be sure to provide you with endless, captivating entertainment.

Volitan Lionfish

The Volitan Lionfish is one of the coolest saltwater aquarium fish. It is a member of the Scorpaenidae family and is native to the Indo-Pacific region. Its scientific name is Pteroisvolitans.

It is a voracious predator with an elongated body and striking pattern of black and white stripes. The Volitan Lionfish has a large, fan-like dorsal fin with 16 – 18 spines. It is usually between 12 – 15 inches in length and lives for about 15 years.

Its diet consists of small fish, crustaceans, and invertebrates. The Volitan Lionfish is a beautiful creature and can be a great addition to any saltwater aquarium.

Although it may look intimidating, it is actually quite gentle and is not aggressive towards other aquarium fish. It is definitely one of the most popular saltwater aquarium fish available, and with its attractive look and unique behaviors, it is undoubtedly one of the coolest.

Regal Blue Tang

The Regal Blue Tang is one of the coolest-looking saltwater aquarium fish. It has an electric blue body with a bright yellow marking near its tail and fins.

It can grow to be up to 8 inches in length and needs to be kept in tanks with at least 50 gallons of water. It feeds on small invertebrates such as plankton, crustaceans, and other microorganisms.

It can also eat prepared herbivore foods. Regal Blue Tang can make a great addition to a tank that also contains other peaceful fish of similar size. They are very sociable and curious, often swimming around the tank to investigate. When kept in good tank conditions, they are hardy and can live up to eight years.

Lawnmower Blenny

The lawnmower blenny is among the coolest saltwater aquarium fish. It gets its name from the way it scoots along the rocks and substrate, grazing these surfaces like a lawnmower. This species has a unique appearance, with its yellow face and bright blue body, making it an attractive addition to any aquarium.

Not only that, but its peaceful nature means that it can coexist with many other types of fish. Its size is fairly small, ranging up to 3.5 inches, ensuring it will not take up too much space in the aquarium.

The lawnmower blenny is a versatile and interesting fish, and any aquarist looking to add a saltwater species to their tank should seriously consider it.

Marine Betta

The saltwater aquarium and marine betta fish are some of the beautiful fish around. They come in a variety of colors ranging from serene aqua blue to a fiery bright red.

Their fins can be long and feathery or short and scalloped, giving them a graceful and elegant look. With an average lifespan of 4-6 years, marine bettas require a large tank as they can grow up to 8 inches long.

They are also natural scavengers, cleaning the bottom of the tank and adding to the beauty of the aquarium. Marine bettas are also relatively easy to care for, eating a variety of foods, from shrimp pellets to flake and frozen foods. All in all, they are some of the most stunning and easy-to-care-for fish on the market.

Pajama Cardinalfish

The Pajama Cardinalfish is one of the coolest saltwater aquarium fish for any aquarium enthusiast. These fish have a unique blue and yellow striped design that complements most set-ups. They are peaceful, active, and entertaining to watch.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also exceptional members of reef systems thanks to their scavenging behavior, which helps to keep the tank clean.

They are also omnivorous, eating both meaty and plant-based foods, making them easy fish to feed. Additionally, they can be kept in groups and are often found in pairs in the wild. They are relatively low maintenance and hardy, making them an ideal addition to any saltwater aquarium.

Harlequin Tusk

The Harlequin Tusk is one of the coolest saltwater aquarium fish that you can add to your tank. A unique species with a distinct pattern, these fish are like mini bulldogs with large black spots in contrast to the orange and yellow-patched bodies.

This species comes from the Indo-Pacific region and can quickly become a very popular fish in your tank due to its hardy nature and clever nature.

Harlequin Tusk can grow up to eight inches in length and require a large tank to swim in with plenty of live rock and caves. They are tolerant of other fish, have excellent scavenging skills, and are considered low maintenance.

Noted for their great personalities, these fish make great additions to any aquarium, as their black and white spotted pattern adds a unique look to the tank.

Learn More About the Coolest Saltwater Aquarium Fish

Saltwater aquarium fish can be a beautiful, unique addition to any home. They provide countless hours of entertainment and the opportunity to appreciate nature in your home.

If you are ready to check out some of the coolest saltwater aquarium fish, research your options and visit your local pet store for the best ones.

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