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Tips to Choose a Theme for Your Wedding

Tips to Choose a Theme for Your Wedding

A few things need to be considered while selecting a wedding theme. For example, this includes the tastes and characteristics of you and your partner and the atmosphere and tone you wish to set for your special day.

Consider the following questions to help you focus on a wedding theme that perfectly captures your and your partner’s personalities.

When is your wedding taking place?

Are you getting wedded in summer, fall, winter, or spring? Though seemingly unimportant, this is actually crucial.

Winter weddings should have winter themes. Winter weddings suit dark, dramatic colours like emerald green or rich burgundy.

Winter weddings can be themed, or you might go for a typical, gorgeous wedding.

Spring weddings are lovely with pastel colours, brilliant bouquets of berries, and garden settings, while summer weddings can be beachy.

Where will be your wedding location?

Consider your venue and its colours. Do you want black and white wedding colours in a darkly lit barn? Remember that very few details will be visible.

Instead, draw inspiration from your wedding destination. Is it beachside? An Australian beach-themed blue, white, and silver wedding would be fantastic.

Will you garden-marry? Maybe a rainforest is what you are looking for? Use your venue’s environment to inspire your wedding theme and decor, and consider natural elements.

When planning your wedding, consider decoration hire in Melbourne to transform your venue and bring your chosen theme to life with style and elegance.

What mood are you going for?

Consider this critical point. Are you and your spouse relaxed? If so, a carefree and easygoing atmosphere would fit your personality perfectly. Furthermore, boho or beachy wedding themes promote a laid-back, organic atmosphere. Can you see how you can begin to create a picture?

On the other hand, maybe you envision your wedding day as a lavish party? Or with plenty of food, dancing, lighting, music, and flowers? A modern, glitzy wedding theme would be ideal, or how about an Art Deco theme with a glitzy design that makes you think of The Great Gatsby? Consider your theme’s atmosphere and your guests’ celebration.

Which colour do you prefer?

A wedding theme colour will help you choose an overall motif.

Consider your favourite colours and their traditional wedding styles. White, gold, silver, and black are classic colours for conventional and luxurious weddings.

Navy blue and silver are also employed in exquisite contemporary weddings.

Try a pastel lavender if you want a purple wedding but can’t use violet. Every primary colour and combination may be tweaked and used in different shades.

Make a mood board:

Making a mood board containing photographs you adore is another way to narrow your wedding theme. Pinterest, Instagram, and Easy Weddings‘ inspiration boards have lots of photographs to explore.

After collecting photographs you like, print them and pin them to a large piece of cardboard (or make a digital mood board if you’re a Photoshop whiz.) Seeing all the photographs can help you determine your preferred designs and colours. Most of the images you prefer might include gold or silver or have a certain style.

How will you dress?

Many choose their wedding theme and venue before choosing a dress. If, however, you find yourself in the opposite situation, then your ultimate wedding theme can be determined by the design of your dress.

The finest advice for organizing a wedding is not to worry about other people’s thoughts. You want to remember the day and be happy about the people, place and love you have.