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Simple Road Trip Activities for Toddlers

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Simple Road Trip Activities for Toddlers

Over 80% of Americans prefer highway vacations.

We love the idea of being in charge of your itinerary and taking the path less traveled. A road trip is one of the best ways to add adventure to your vacation without the burden of having to pay more.

But if you are a parent with young children, the fun can quickly be replaced with crying, restlessness, and a touch of frustration.

That is unless you are armed with road trip activities for toddlers.

Below we have included the best activities to keep your toddler engaged and excited throughout the road trip.

Finding the Right Road Trip Activities for Toddlers

The right activities are a great way to keep your toddler occupied during a road trip. The right activities can both excite and distract children.

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Construction Play

Construction and building games are good for two main reasons: they are stimulating but also an effective way for keeping children distracted.

There are different types of constructive play that you can bring for your toddler vacation. But the most popular of the batch are Legos.

The beauty of Legos is that they have evolved with every generation. Instead of the simple blocks that used to be the Lego trait, Legos today opens up a whole new door for the imagination.

You will not need to pack the whole set. Pick a few pieces that work well together and create a little workstation for your child in the car.

Other favorites in constructive play include blocks, playdough (washable), and puzzles.

Even on a family vacation, you can use constructive play to unleash your child’s creativity and imagination. This allows children to develop their cognitive understanding as they conceptualize, analyze and solve different problems.

Another valuable set of skills constructive play will instill in your child is mathematical reasoning. It will boost your kid’s confidence and help them better express themselves.


There is no age too early for books. From building vocabulary to pronunciation, reading can help enhance your toddler’s cognitive understanding.

Your road trip library doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. A stack of their favorite books should do.

Picture books are also a great option when you are traveling with kids. Hand them the books and leave them immersed in a visual world.

But if you are in the driver’s seat, leave an audiobook playing in the background.

Coloring Books and Drawing

A bit of color can make the world of a difference. Bring some toddler coloring books and a box full of crayons.

But if your kid is big on DIY, you can add to the crayons a few pencils and a drawing book. Let your kid create their masterpiece.

I Spy

This is a game as old as time. It may just be a little younger than the dinosaurs but it is still one of the best road trip games.

You and your family can spy on anything. Only your imagination is the limit.

Your Next Adventure

Going on a road trip with a toddler doesn’t have to spell frustration. With the right road trip activities for toddlers, you can ensure that your highway vacation is filled with fun and games.


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