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Signs you need a truck accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Signs you need a truck accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

As someone injured in a truck accident in Fort Lauderdale, you may have a lot of questions on your mind. Who has caused the accident? Can you sue the driver? What about the no-fault system in Florida? While the internet is beaming with articles, you need specific answers. Your best bet is to speak to an injury lawyer. Experienced lawyers can guide you on state laws and your rights. Below are some signs that you should hire an attorney.

You have no clue about liability

It is common for victims to assume that the truck driver is liable for the mishap. However, there is a high chance that other parties, including trucking companies and services responsible for loading and maintaining the vehicle, are responsible for the damages endured by victims. These trucking companies have big insurance companies who represent their interests, and if you don’t take steps to investigate, you may not know the full picture. An attorney is your best resource in such circumstances.

You have sustained life-changing injuries

You have to hire an attorney if your injuries are likely to prevent you from working. Also, when you need months to recover, you may have substantial financial losses, which means your expected compensation could be high. A skilled injury lawyer can evaluate these details and ensure you don’t compromise or accept the first insurance offer. They will also check whether you can get non-economic damages.

Your claim has been denied

Florida’s no-fault system usually requires vehicle drivers to file a claim with their insurers. As such, when your claim is denied, you may believe there is no room to take additional measures. An attorney can help explore the legal options. Also, once they are on board, they will negotiate for you and keep a tab on insurance tactics.

Finding the right truck accident lawyer

Not all injury lawyers deal with truck accident cases, as these claims require working against big insurance companies and often going to trial. If you are new to hiring an attorney, always check their work so far and whether they can represent you in court. Recommendations are handy, but if you can look at online ratings and reviews, you may have more info to compare law firms. Always meet potential lawyers before choosing one.

Get an attorney soon after the truck mishap so that they can start investigating further and collect testimonies from witnesses and evidence.