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Everything You Need to Know About Chains and Styles

Untangle your confusion over chain styles with this guide. We explore 34 of the most popular chain types, including their variations.

A sturdy chain with a bold appearance, the anchor chain has oval-shaped links that vary in thickness. Some have a smooth rounded surface, and others, as pictured here, are faceted for enhanced light reflection producing intermittent flashes of sparkle.

Ball / Bead Chain

Whether you’re a jewelry maker, DIY enthusiast, or fashion lover, this chain-like Cuban chain will take your creations to the next level. The beaded ball pull chain is adjustable and comes with free clasp connectors, making it easy to customize to your specific projects.

Ball chains look great and offer an excellent amount of abrasion resistance. Unlike traditional links, the balls in these chains are kept apart, minimizing point contact and reducing wear and noise.

You can use bead chain eyes like regular eye links or add them under a hook shank for weight and balance to your flies.

Barleycorn Chain

Featuring a minimal design, this chain is shaped like barley grains, hence its name. The delicate and feminine chain is flexible and versatile and can be worn alone or with a pendant.

A box chain, a Venetian or book chain, is another favorite with jewelry enthusiasts. The uniform links have a sleek look, balancing fluidity with stiffness for a classic style.

Peanut or crinkle chains have links crimped into a wavy peanut shape and add a touch of texture to the piece. These thin chains can be used with a pendant to create a unique design.

Peanut Chain

Peanut chains, or crinkle or peanut-shaped chains, have a wavy, delicate appearance and add texture to a necklace stack. They can also be woven into a bracelet for a feminine look.

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Filigree Chain

Filigree is a jewelry-making technique that involves bending and coiling tiny pieces of metal to form delicate designs. This technique dates back to ancient times and became popular in Europe from the 1600s to 1800s.

This intricate jewelry can take the shape of lacy flourishes, beautiful scrollwork, and symmetrical Art Deco-style motifs. The chains can be made of gold or silver. However, avoid 24k gold filigree rings as the higher karat will be too soft for the design and can easily break.

Also, be careful not to over-clean your filigree jewelry, which can remove the luster and degrade the structure. Instead, use a little hand sanitizer to clean your filigree pieces.

Panther Chain

A gold panther chain is a bold and dramatic statement piece. Its detailed design and luxurious appearance make it a truly unique jewelry item that adds elegance to any outfit.

This lightweight #35 chain is made to outlast and outperform all other chains. It has a thicker neck that reduces stretching, and the pins are smooth to decrease wear on both the chain and sprockets.

This chain comes in a tin with Panther Kart Chain graphics and a sticker that details the size. It is packaged well, which you would expect from a premium chain.

Mesh Chain

Often called Panther chain, this style is made with rectangular-shaped links that are offset and stacked to create a brick pattern. This gives the chain a bold presence and allows it to hang well. It’s also a good choice for pendant chains as it has a strong profile yet is thin enough to fit through a bail. Ball chains feature hollow or solid spheres joined together with short wire segments. This design makes them strong and allows the chain to swivel freely, which helps prevent kinks.

Snake chains are the most popular rounded chain due to their sleek and fluid design. Each link has a slight point, which, when joined together, creates a chevron pattern similar to snakeskin.

Byzantine Chain

A distinctive, regal choice for any jewelry collection, the byzantine chain is known for its intricate design and strength. Interlocking rings create a unique pattern, adding to its beautiful and luxurious appearance.

Thin byzantine chains are gorgeous when worn alone or with simple necklaces, while thicker versions complement pectoral pendants. You can also use them to enhance the look of a choker.

When properly cared for, a gold byzantine chain is an investment that will last for years. Store it safely when not wearing it to prevent tangling and scratches.