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Enhancing HR Management with Microsoft Viva

Enhancing HR Management with Microsoft Viva

You won’t find a reputable and trustworthy company that doesn’t have a good human resource management strategy in place. The HR department plays an important role in the system and without it, a company would not be able to effectively hire and retain their employees. The department helps maintain a healthy work environment and an accepting, inviting culture that people want to be involved in.

There is only so much an HR department can do by itself, there are benefits to having a Managed IT Services Company come in and help bring new and better services to the company with software like Microsoft Viva.

Microsoft Viva is fairly new, it was launched in early 2021 and continues to grow in interest for digital workplace teams, HR members, and internal communicators. Viva is actually a suite that consists of seven specialized components to enhance five different aspects of HR management.

Employee communications

To better employee communications, the suite offers Viva Connections and Viva Engage. They are similar in design but specialize in two different things.

Viva Connections can be added to apps like Teams and allows employees to read and access their company’s relevant news, conversations and discussions, and other resources in one place. It is curated and easily customizable to keep to the branding of the company in order to unite everyone around the company’s vision, mission, and strategic priorities.

Connections is the starting point but it relies on Viva Engage to get its featured relevant content. Both work together to create spaces where employees can contribute, collaborate, work, and share but Engage is the space for deeper engagement with leaders, colleagues, and communities within the company.

Workplace Analytics and employee feedback

According to TechQuarters, a credible IT Support Company, Viva Insights is really the bread and butter when it comes to the Microsoft Viva suite and what it has to offer HR departments. Viva Insights provides data-driven and privacy-protected information for individuals, the team, and the organization.

With personal insights, an employee can learn about working habits, the best times to take breaks, focused work, and learning about their own well-being and productivity opportunities.

When it comes to Team insights, the data will show where the company might be contributing to burnout and stress. If there are meeting overloads, too little time for focused work, or regular after-hour work then Insights can provide a solution to finding balance.

For organization insights, we can see where business leaders can improve employee well-being through new opportunities and changes in the process.

It’s important to mention that Insights is not a spy for employees and all personal data is protected and kept private.

Goals and OKR management

Microsoft has made Viva Goals a solution for goal-setting and management. Viva Goals utilizes OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) so that teams and companies are all aware and on the same page about what their shared goals are.

Viva Goals allows members to see what their goals are, create checkpoints to keep time management, and keep everyone accountable.

Learning and knowledge

With Viva Learning and Viva Topics, Microsoft created spaces and tools where information can be collected, compiled, and shared. While both Learning and Topics deal with the collection and distribution of knowledge within a company they are slightly different.

Viva Learning is a platform designed for members to access content libraries from the company and partners in order to learn and build relevant skills. People can recommend, share and learn from this central hub in a way that makes learning a natural part of the workday.

Viva Topics utilizes AI to automatically search, identify and compile topics and information about the business. This can include short descriptions, people or teams working on the topic, and files, sites, and pages that are related to the topic.

Role-based experiences

And finally, Viva Sales was added to the Viva suite as a CRM companion application. It uses CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and generative AI for delivering automatic content creation and meeting summaries. It uses data from Outlook and Microsoft Teams and aims to reduce any manual data entry and application switching for Sales team members.

In conclusion, if you’re thinking of bringing the Microsoft Viva suite into your company workspace then it’s easy to integrate. With the help of Office 365 Consultants, the change can be seamless and will bring plenty of benefits to the workspace for both individual employees and the company as a whole.

The reality is that HR teams can always use a little bit more support. With Microsoft Viva, companies have easy access to comprehensive data and innovative solutions and recommendations for any problems they might face. For any company that wants to prioritize employee engagement and employee personal and work growth then Viva is a secure and efficient way of going about it.