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Do Termites Bite?

Do Termites Bite?

Termites are a significant threat to homes nationwide, and it’s best to take the proper precautions to limit and prevent damage to your house. Over 600,000 households in the US deal with termite infestations annually. It’s natural to worry about your home’s health, but you should also worry about your own.

While it’s well-known that termites consume wood in your home, many homeowners don’t know “Do termites bite?” Termites threaten more than your home’s structure, and the best way to keep your family safe is by learning the termite signs and investing in pest removal.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect spot to learn more about the dangers termites pose and the things you can do to get rid of termites in your home. Continue reading to protect your home and family today!

Do Termites Bite?

Termite colonies have several types of termites that perform essential roles for the group’s survival. While some types of termites don’t bite, soldier termites are a threat worth reckoning with. These termites are equipped to fight other insects that threaten the colony.

These termites also cause significant damage to homes, though they don’t often bite humans. Most instances when humans determine if can termites bite is when a member of your household attempts to handle the soldier termite. The termites in your home will only bite you if you give them cause to.

Tips for Termite Removal

Now that you know the risks a termite colony poses, it’s worthwhile to dive into the steps you should take to remove them from your home and protect your house’s structure. Learning the signs of a termite infestation will help prevent thousands of dollars in damage.

The best place to start is by inspecting your home’s foundation. You can handle this aspect yourself or hire the experts with rodent control high point. The termites won’t eat the concrete in your home’s foundation but will use mud tubes to move around the house.

You should also keep wood piles away from your home when combating termites. The termites will be attracted to the wood pile, and your home will be next on the menu when the wood runs out. Keeping the wood pile further from your home will make it a less appealing appetizer for the colony.

Trimming trees and shrubs near your home is another effective way to maintain termite control for your home. You won’t need to worry about “Do termites bite” when you’re taking active measures to prevent them from entering your home. Limbs close to your home provide a freeway for termites to enter.

Protect Your Home and Family From Termites Today

Termite colonies are a significant risk to homeowners, but you shouldn’t worry when contemplating “Do termites bite” unless you’re handling soldier termites. You can maintain termite control by inspecting your home’s foundation for mud tubes. It’s also wise to keep wood piles away from the house and trim shrubs and trees to make access more challenging for the colony.

Protecting your home is the number one priority as a new homeowner. Read more of our Home and Real Estate blog articles for engaging guides and valuable tips for maintaining your home today!