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Budget Friendly locations to explore in your Malaysian escapade

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Malaysia has always been a central hub for tourist attractions. The entire country combines the beauty of the stunning city lights and the peace of heritage attractions and natural landscapes. The Petronas Twin Tower, one of the most stunning skyscrapers, is the first celebrated highlight you should explore in Kuala Lumpur. If you wish to get closer to the incredible mother nature surrounding us, then explore the fascinating Zoo Negara and come face to face with indigenous animals, cute pandas and more.

Batu Caves is another attraction bringing you the incredible history of Hindu tradition. The glimpse of the Murugan statue will remain etched in your minds forever. Explore the deep and scary caves down below and pay your respects at the Swami Subramanya temple as well. Plan a fun weekend escapade at the Sunway lagoon and delve into thrilling rides and water ventures.


  1. Petronas Twin Tower – One of the most extravagant structures across Malaysia, the Petronas twin tower is a definite addition to your itinerary. Sprawled over a humongous height of 427 metres, the unchallenged artistic design of this skyscraper has remained one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur. Your Petronas twin tower tickets include a serene tour of the entire buildings, wherein you will have a chance to dive deeper into the construction of this stunning architecture, glass finishing and articulate interiors. Grab your Petronas twin tower tickets, and enjoy a private guided tour visit too. Grab a bird’s eye view of the entire Kuala Lumpur cityscape from the sky bridge and also don’t forget to explore the King’s Palace, KLCC Park and Titiwangsa range, present on the 86th floor. The Petronas twin tower tickets bring to you stunning attractions such as a spa lounge at four seasons, a museum of illusions and more.
  2. Zoo Negara – The zoo Negara remains another of the most exotic attractions to explore in Kuala Lumpur. Grab your Zoo Negara tickets today and visit the extraordinary animal hub consisting of over 475 different species, encapsulating the best of land and marine animals. One of the most well-known highlights of Zoo Negara tickets is the panda conservation centre, wherein you will come across cute little pandas and observe their day-to-day activities from up close. The zoo highlights some of the most distinctive animals of the wild, such as gibbons, silver leaf monkeys,  zebras, giraffes, ostriches, and white rhinoceroses and many other lesser-known wonders. This is an exciting attraction to explore if you have kids accompanying you on the trip. The zoo does its best to replicate all the natural ecosystems to provide the utmost comfort and at-home feelings to all the animals residing in it. Book Zoo Negara tickets today and don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to get closer to mother nature around us.
  3. Batu Caves – Combining the beauty of the picturesque landscape and otherworldly historical elements, the Batu Caves is one of the most amusing heritage attractions in Malaysia. The cave narrates the story of the Hindu tradition, dating back 400 million years. The grandiose Murugan statue is the main attraction of the site and stands guard to the infamous Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple. The statue goes up to a height of 42 metres and is painted with a bright gold colour that you cannot get enough of. The grand Thaipusam festival celebrated at this heritage attraction is an absolute wonderment attracting thousands of devotees from across the globe to perform the Kavadi, a celebrated ritual. Walk down the 272 steps of the aces, leading to the unreal abode, wherein you will be mesmerised by the large amounts of bats, and unique rock and limestone formations. The cave can only be accessed with expert supervision and guidance.
  4. Sunway Lagoon – This theme park is a fascinating escape from the otherwise scorching heat of Malaysia. With six fascinating zones, and lands, including, water pools, wildlife, extreme sports, a lost lagoon, a scream park, and cement ground the Sunway lagoon never fails to impress us with its classic rides. The amusement park highlights the thrilling apache pots, plenty of carousel rides, roller coasters and other intriguing activities for those who are not a fan of the water rides. The water park remains the major highlight, bringing in exciting rides such as the congo challenge, python ride and more. The wildlife park allows you to get closer to mother nature and observe incredible animals such as Asian tigers, indigenous primates and exotic birds. If the above does not sound exciting enough, Sunway lagoon is also home to the super fun nickelodeon lost lagoon, with stunning artificial canopy walks, waterfalls, tropical rainforests and fun rides as well. You may know a lot about Serengeti National Park.
  5. Aquaria KLCC – A splendid way to observe the unique marine species, Aquaria KLCC is a stunning attraction to enjoy with your family and kids. The day tour activities at the attractions bring you face to face with a wide range of marine exhibits such as Sand Tiger Shark, Green Sea Turtle, and Giant Moray Eel in the Living Ocean exhibit. The aquarium highlights some of the most vivid and lesser-known indigenous fishes such as Asian Small-clawed Otters, Electric Eels, and Tokay geckos. Observe the vibrant coral reefs from the Australian bay and get up close to aquatic wonders such as sea cucumber and starfish. As you enter the aquarium you will come across a unique 90-metre-long transparent tunnel, with all the extravagant aquatic wonders diving above your head. This is definitely a once-in-a-while opportunity you should not miss out on.
  6. Berjaya Times Square – The Berjaya times square is another extraordinary tourist attraction you need to explore right away. Resembling the NY times square, this is the central hub for posh restaurants, five-star hotels and more. Times Square has a 48-storey twin tower studded with a number of activities and attractions to delve into. Visit the Fantasy Garden and Botanic Ride and Flying Bumble Bee with your loved ones. Times Square is a super fun escapade, consisting of exciting arcade games and more. Read more about halal hotels antalya