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8 Tips to Help You Transform into an Elegant Bride

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8 Tips to Help You Transform into an Elegant Bride

Preparing for your wedding day has got to be one of the most awesome yet challenging tasks ever because of the sheer amount of work involved in the process. Ensuring comfort throughout the feast should also be your priority, but how do you go about it? How do you transform into an elegant bride so your appearance captures the imagination of everyone who sees you? Or perhaps you are a wedding planner, and you’ve been commissioned to transform a bride. Here are eight tips for working with.

Add Color To The Wedding Dress

One way to transform into an elegant bride is to add a little bit of color to your wedding gown. White may be the signature color for weddings as it projects purity, but these days, designers are not shy about adding color, and brides love it. Feel free to play with any color, but you must consult expert designers for advice, given the wide array of elegant wedding dresses available. A white, flowing gown with a touch of color here and there will transform a bridal dress and add a divine appeal to it. You may add a colorful trim to the hemline or a few embellishments there for good measure.

Back Details

Wedding dresses with back details are quite attractive, especially when viewed from behind. You want to set the right tone by playing with the designs behind, and there are several ways to pull this off; it’s all a matter of choice. You can cover it up with a veil or add embellishments to that area of the dress. This will transform your look.

Use Fascinators

You may also opt for fascinators if you feel comfortable in them. Fascinators at headpieces that have signature appeals. They are more attractive than normal headgear and grab attention. If you spot a lovely hairdo and a fascinator is added to it, you won’t go unnoticed. You can pick a fascinator with veil details or floral cuts, but be mindful of the accessories, as you do not want too much clutter.

Lip Gloss

Transforming a bride involves much more than clothing; you should also focus on skin color, especially areas exposed to public view. Your lip is one physical feature the world will notice, so make sure you are spotting a radiant lip color. That should be the highlight of your makeover so you look like a diva.

You can opt for a fiery color if she wants a bold look or simple but light makeup for a relaxed and sexy appearance. Just choose the perfect shade that will match your complexion.

Traditional Gowns Still Hold Magic

Many brides have ditched traditional gowns for White for a long time; for short and provocative gowns, society is gradually losing a sense of what it feels like to behold a bride in a traditional wedding dress. If you prefer a vintage appearance, recommend a rustic, traditional wedding gown; the guests will love it. So many interesting traditional options abound with heavy or light layering. Some even have crop tops and expose a hint of the waistline.

Underground Color

Still, on tips on transforming into an elegant bride on your special day, you should try adding some color to your underwear, especially if the wedding gown fabric is a little transparent. Choose a dress with some color at the helm. Choosing colored shoes to match your dress is the best way to use underground features to positive effect. Colored hems and shoes are smart ways to capture attention subtly. Never underestimate the impact of background colors on the first impression of onlookers.

Flower Crown

If you don’t want to use a fascinator, opt for a crown instead. Flower crowns are a favorite of many, but you can go for something different as long as it complements your look. If the feast is in a garden, you may want to use the background to your advantage by wearing a crown with blooming flowers hanging gracefully on every side. The flowers should be carefully selected to match your details.

Lovely accessories

Do not forget the accessories to add a finishing touch. Hair accessories like headbands are not bad so are bangles and lovely necklaces. You have enough options, so feel free to choose any. Gold or silver accessories are a top choice, but your pick should blend with your wedding dress.


Transforming yourself into an elegant one requires a lot of attention to detail. The most important feature is the wedding dress, which should not be picked lightly. Once you have picked your dream dress, you can pick your headgear, accessories, shoes, and other details for the booth. You can go for a bold or playful look, depending on what you are most comfortable with. If you are unsure which color to pick, seek help from friends and professionals.