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3 Tips for Styling Vintage Gold Jewelry

3 Tips for Styling Vintage Gold Jewelry

You might notice lots of people accessorize with vintage jewelry. While it’s a great way to leverage your outfit, you might wonder, what’s the best way to style them?

How you wear them affects your entire outfit. So, you want to be sure it fits well and ties everything together.

Here are three ways to style and wear vintage gold jewelry.

  1. Combine Different Pieces

Compared to other accessories, vintage jewelry presents a specific style, so you want to learn how to identify them. This way, you can comfortably combine different pieces while making them look cohesive.

When you wear multiple types of jewelry, most recommend making sure it looks neat. Too much can look cluttered or grab too much attention, so it’s best to maintain proper balance.

For example, consider adding three vintage bracelets to the mix if you wear a sleeveless dress. You can also wear a ring on the other hand to keep it from looking empty.

Another example is when you wear a plain dress. Wearing jewelry that stands out is one way to highlight your outfit, like large earrings or a unique necklace.

  1. Decide on the Colors

One way to decide what to wear with gold jewelry is by looking at the colors. As much as possible, you want to wear specific hues or shades that let it stand out.

The following are a few you want to consider:

Blacks and Whites

You can never go wrong with a black-and-white outfit when styling jewelry, regardless if it’s gold or silver. It’s an excellent base for accessories you want to emphasize or use as the style point.

Neutral Shades

Neutral shades are a good option if you have trouble deciding on colors. It adds more personality compared to whites and blacks but keeps it subtle enough if you aren’t fond of bright and bold colors.

Moreover, it works well with gold when you choose neutrals with warm undertones since they fall under a similar color scheme.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are another option when wearing vintage jewelry, especially with specific color elements. A few colors you want to consider are green, blue, rose, and orange.

  1. Figure Out the Vibe

When choosing what jewelry to wear, you might want to consider how it matches up with the vibe of your outfit. This way, it appears cohesive and does a better job of elevating the style.

Let’s say you want to go for a classy look. You want to pick vintage jewelry with a centerpiece or simple patterns. If you prefer something casual, consider pieces that incorporate modern designs. You can also consider getting an heirloom jewelry redesign to make your piece unique or to match it with your current style.

Elevate Your Outfit With Vintage Gold Jewelry

Vintage gold jewelry can upgrade your outfit in several ways. All it takes is knowing how to wear it best.

You want to consider putting together different pieces and matching colors to enhance how it looks with your entire outfit. This way, it stays cohesive and grabs just enough attention.

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